Rapid Prototyping

Complete In-House Design Services

From initial design to rapid prototype parts, building the molds and running production, Rogers Manufacturing has an experienced in-house team of skilled designers and engineers that can help make your next idea become a reality.

Design for Manufacture

It is important that we are involved at the very beginning of the process. That way we can help with the part design to maximize quality and minimize cost. Making the right decisions during part design is critical to the success of any project. Some things to consider are:

  • Additional Operations Required
  • Automation
  • Machine Requirements
  • Mold Type and Size
  • Packaging
  • Part Material Selection
  • Part Weight
  • Wall Thicknesses

Reverse Engineering

If you have an existing part that you are looking to duplicate, we can help. We have 3D scanning capabilities that will give you a complete 3D solid model for the part. We can also help determine what material has been used and what method of manufacturing was used as well.

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Rogers Manufacturing will always recommend the best option for each project. For one project, 3D printing may be the best option. For another project, a thermoset insert into a master die mold may be the best option. We are always looking for the most efficient ways to make parts quickly for our customers. We also partner with several companies in the area to be able to offer all of the newest techniques for making parts quickly.

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Our Difference

Whether you need one or one million. Rogers Manufacturing can help you identify the least expensive and quickest way to get quality prototypes.


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