Mold Maintenance & Refurbishing

Improve Longevity and Efficiency of Your Molds

Make the most out of your investment in tooling and molding by maintaining regular mold maintenance and repair with Roger Mfg’s maintenance and repair services!

Save Time & Money

The largest investment that goes into the injection molding process is that of the molds themselves. The molds can last through millions of cycles as long as they are properly maintained. However over time, just like with anything, regular wear and tear will begin to have an effect on the mold – which can lead to inconsistency, longer cycles and down time.

Rogers Mfg. employs mold makers and tool designers that are fully experienced and equipped for handling any mold design, construction, maintenance, and repair jobs that come our way. Their years of experience has given them a vast knowledge in all types of materials, mold bases, and tool construction – which means they will be able find the right solution to meet your exact needs.

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Our Facility

From concept to production Rogers Manufacturing can handle it all!

Repair & Refurbish

If you’ve suffered damage to your mold during the injection process, Rogers Manufacturing is here to lend you a helping hand. Our skilled toolmakers at are capable of repairing and refurbishing crisis mold repairs quickly.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Rogers Manufacturing for your repair and refurbishing need:

  • We will follow precise precision tolerances to meet your ISO and UL specifications
  • Cavity restoration and repair
  • Make repairs to any electrical, plumbing and mechanical issues
  • Provide reverse engineering
  • Verify offshore tooling meets customer’s standards
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